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June 20, 2019

What is the Audacity app and what does it do?

The Audacity app is the world’s most beautiful To Do List app and the world’s most powerful To Do List app. That’s a bold statement but what does it mean? What is a To Do List app? What makes it beautiful? How is it powerful?

What’s a To Do List?

Audacity is a To Do List app is ultimately your ‘Things to do’ list, that you would normally write down using pen and paper, in an app. The app makes your usually static list of tasks more flexible, more fluid, easily editable and it doesn’t run out of space!

With Audacity you can separate your tasks into lists and identify when you are going to work on them and what’s the deadline for each, if required. You will be more successful when you have no fear of overlooking tasks.

Additionally you can put your tasks into time buckets in the Today and Tomorrow view – Now, Next, Later, Evening. You can immediately see how do-able the day’s tasks are. You can also add your own time bucket – say you have a daily commute on the train or bus – add it to the list: Now, Bus, Next, Later, Evening and make the most of those valuable minutes.


So why Audacity and not another To Do List app?

The Audacity App is Beautiful…

“Long lists don’t get done” (37 Signals). With Audacity you have the ability to refine your view of what’s needed ‘immediately’, or ‘today’, or ‘this week’. And now with the recent addition of Folders you can shape your To Do List more elegantly. An uncluttered view is more pleasing to the eye!

You can delicately drag tasks between lists or time buckets, deftly swipe to defer and gently tap to see a task’s attributes and any attachments. Suddenly you feel in control and it feels wonderful.

Set your own App background from any photo, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! And the more tasks you complete the more you see of the photo 🙂

Audacity is not clunky, it is well formed and moves elegantly with a graceful tap or swipe.


The Audacity App is Powerful…

‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’: for dynamic teamwork for those bigger projects create a team and share the load – ‘no man is an island’, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, ‘many hands make light work’

Be in command and delegate: share lists and assign tasks to your partner, friends or colleagues. Manage everything from work projects to party planning to shopping lists.

Take control from anywhere, any time, any place: email tasks to me@audacitytasks.com and if you are sending from your registered email address we’ll put the text and any attachments into a task in your Inbox. If you replace ‘me’ with a list name, that’s where the task will go.

All your thoughts in one place: on the free plan you can attach document links, and create Notes. On a Premium plan (release date tbc) you will be able to attach any size of files, voice memos, or make sketches.

Attention please: Audacity will highlight not just overdue tasks, but those which will soon be overdue and which don’t have any date assigned to be worked on. Be in control.

Robust information: you can have automatic backups emailed to you daily or weekly. PDF will be available in the free app in due course, CSV will be in the Premium plan. Always have all the knowledge.

Maintain the upper hand: set date/time reminders for tasks and subtasks. You can even set Reminders for tasks which you assigned to someone else. Reminders will be available in the next Audacity release.

Compelling reading: create Tags such ‘Favourites’ or ‘Dreams’. Graphical or text. Apply to tasks or subtasks for simple filtering and reporting. Badge all your fleeting thoughts and ideas while on the move and peruse these audacious notions later at your leisure. Tags will be available in due course.


It has more features than the wonderful Wunderlist

Our CEO, Peter, has been an avid user of Wunderlist for many years, an addict you could say, as highlighted in the Seeds of Audacity series, and distraught at the announcement of the retirement of Wunderlist and with no success in finding an appropriate replacement has since developed Audacity and within this has added the following features:

  • Repeating tasks
  • (Will have in due course) Fully-featured Sub-tasks
  • Assigned tasks
  • Reminders and Alerts
  • Task creation from email
  • Overdue tasks highlighted

Get Audacity and find out for yourself how the most beautiful and most powerful app can make planning a pleasure!

To note: Audacity currently available for iOS users, Web and Android apps to follow in the Autumn.

We would welcome your feedback too, please contact us through these platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram