Wundertask Blog

April 1, 2019

A new To-Do App: The Seeds of Audacity – Part 1

Back in 2005 we built an in-browser To-Do system. It was called Oryx, for no better reason than that I had just finished reading Margaret Atwood’s marvellous ‘Oryx and Crake’.

With drag and drop, repeating tasks (we called them Groundhog tasks… I guess I’d been watching a movie), notes, subtasks and more, it was pretty advanced for its time. I was truly stunned recently to discover that a couple of people in the company are still using it.

But we never turned it into a mobile To-Do app. And a few years ago I fell head over heels in love with a shapely little to-do app called Wunderlist. She was truly the Goldilocks of To-Do apps: Not too many features, not too few. Just right. Sure, I sometimes got distracted by a passing app with fully-featured subtasks, and maybe I flirted a little, but I was never actually unfaithful to Wunderlist.

Then one day I heard an ugly rumour. Wunderlist had gone over to the dark side. Seduced by bright lights, spending power, and the flattery of being Favourited by the people who invented Clippy. Worse, she was only wanted for a brain transplant, all of the gorgeous look and feel might soon be no more than a loving memory.

It was a call to action – time to update Oryx!