Wundertask Blog

March 18, 2021

Time buckets: the most effective way to plan your day

Knowing your limits – it sounds simple, but really this is a skill in itself.

All too often, we try to push ourselves all throughout the working week with unrealistic expectations and to-do lists that are a mile long. On the surface, these might seem ambitious, or like a healthy encouragement to keep pushing yourself. But, in reality, the disheartening feeling that comes with an incomplete set of tasks far outweighs the benefits of finishing it.

This is because (in the unlikely event that you’ve completed your over-ambitious to-do list), you’ve pushed yourself to your absolute limits and this exertion has left you feeling absolutely exhausted. Then, the next day you’ll find that you’ve burned yourself out.

Time buckets enable people to plan their day by dragging and dropping task cards into obvious priority buckets.   Things you have to do Now (OMG yes, now), those that you’ll want to tackle Next, and those which are for Later – there are many in here that will slip, unless your day really is free from unexpected interruptions.   There is also a bucket for Evening – tasks that you might well tackle with a glass in hand.

The ease of deferring and reconfiguring your tasks in this way will keep you organised, and help you to prioritise work far more efficiently.

Some tasks end up taking longer than others – that’s no reflection on your efforts, it’s just the nature of work. That’s why Audacity allows you to keep your focus on the most important tasks. Even if you don’t get around to doing everything that day, you can at least be sure that all of the essential jobs have been completed.

You can try Audacity for yourself either via the app or our website. One thing’s for certain, this free, user-friendly and intuitive tool will massively cut down your stress levels right from day one.