Wundertask Blog

February 14, 2020

Silver Linings – Farewell, Wunderlist!

Many of us have had the experience of losing a much-loved job – only to land a much better one very soon after. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, then you still have that serendipitous experience to come!

It’s been the same kind of thing for me with Wunderlist. The app that changed my organisational life forever, for the better. I’d tried so many organisational apps but this was the Goldilocks one. Not too much functionality, not too little. And then, a couple of years ago I heard it was going to be phased out.

After a period of mourning and panic, I decided to get my company to build an app that Wunderlist users could turn to. It’s worked for me and I’m still in control of my tasks and responsibilities. At the same time we have set out to build in many of the features that Wunderlist users had been requesting, such as fully-featured subtasks, and ‘work on’ dates.

Of course, not all Wunderlist users will want to use Audacity. Some will migrate to Todoist or Things, both great products, and some will learn to love Big Brother. For all of us, an End will turn into a new Beginning.

I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day and so it seems fitting to raise a metaphorical glass of red wine to Wunderlist, and indeed the Wunderkinder team. I’m eternally grateful for the time we had together – better to have loved and lost and all that.


But now there’s a new love in my life, and we’re planning an audacious future together  🙂