Wundertask Blog

September 17, 2019

PM: Prime Minister or Project Manager?

Does PM Boris Johnson use a ‘To Do’ list? Perhaps he delegates to his people, but it would be nice to think that he is a devoted Wunderlist user, updating his short and medium and long term PM goals on a daily basis. Perhaps he shares tasks with Carrie such as ‘Don’t forget the dog food’. And with Dominic Cummins such as ‘Don’t forget the dog whistles’.

Or maybe he refuses to use Wunderlist because it was designed and made in Germany. Although now that it’s owned by Americans, perhaps he’ll feel differently. He is rumoured to be owned by an American.

I guess we can only hope that Boris and all of his team use task lists, whether Wunderlist or Todoist or Audacity. Because we do need our leaders to be efficient. Mind you, it would be funny if Boris woke up on November 1st, cursed that he’d forgotten to leave Europe and wished he’d created a task for it, with a Reminder.