Wundertask Blog

July 3, 2019

Perdu in translation

Now that Audacity is well and truly ‘out there’ and with users in dozens of countries (a topic for a future blog), we are starting to think about what geeks call ‘Localisation’. Translation, to the rest of us.

Our first ‘translated’ app is now in the App Store. It’s French. Well, we are a UK business so why not start with our nearest and dearest European neighbour. Entente Cordiale might not describe how M. Macron and our government have been working together on Brexit, but we Brits do love the French wine and food.

The problem is, the translation of the App is only partly done. Mostly translated, for sure, but Franglais prevails in a few places. This is the inevitable consequence of the speed of développement that we have self-imposed. Because we are so keen to release new versions, as soon as one is ready we want to get it to the App Store. And the words and phrases added in the final iteration will not yet have been translated.

We also agonised about the supporting materials – onboarding screens, Welcome tasks, Help documents, and even emails to registered users. But we have realised that our competitors, even after years in the market, haven’t translated to this degree.

We will go further than those competitors, and do the job properly. In due course. For now we will continue to focus our energies on feature development – plus of course the upcoming Android and Web and Mac versions.

In the meantime… Have a nice journée 🙂