Wundertask Blog

January 16, 2020

New Year, New You: Your January Workout Companion

January is the perfect opportunity to refresh your goals and get back on track with fitness. With a fresh 2020 calendar laid out before you, it’s a great time to hit the reset button. Whether you’ve had a long Christmas break from hitting the gym, or you’re completely new to the fitness game, Audacity has some nifty features you might not have thought of to help keep you on track.

Create lists of your favourite workouts

Just found your ideal workout online and want to save it for later? Audacity allows users to create lists with links that can be saved for later. When you’re ready to workout head straight into the Audacity app and follow the link to get your workout on the move.

Set date and time reminders to keep you on track

Love to workout but find that life sometimes gets in the way? Set date and time reminders on workout tasks to help keep you on track. If you miss a workout Audacity will highlight these overdue tasks to get you back in the game.

Share workout lists and assign workout tasks to friends

Work better together? Share your workout lists and challenge friends by assigning workout tasks to them within the Audacity app.

Save even more time

Take control from anywhere, any time, any place: email workout tasks to me@audacitytasks.com and if you are sending from your registered email address Audacity will put the text and any attachments into a task in your Inbox. If you replace ‘me’ with a list name, that’s where the task will go.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Audacity app and create workout lists to kick start your new year fitness routine.