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May 7, 2021

Making planning a pleasure: Next 7 Days

Well, the Audacity app has been launched and the hard efforts of the team have been celebrated with pizza, bubbles and dancing! Following this, I can now fully embrace the merits of Audacity and plan my next 7 days. Let’s see if I can make planning a pleasure!

As you may have read in my previous blog, Digital Marketing: How to become an expert in 10 days, I had a whole chunk of work to do – create and implement Audacity’s digital marketing campaign – which seemed overwhelming and far too much to do in the time that I had.

So, in my usual manner, I took my pen and paper and started to write my to-do list in no particular order:

  • Sign up to Hootsuite
  • Check we have a business Facebook and Instagram page
  • Check the Twitter and LinkedIn page
  • Where are we up to with the Audacity website?
  • What is the content marketing plan for all of our social media platforms?
  • SEO – research keywords

You get the gist….

Much like our founder, Peter, I needed to eat this elephant one slice at a time!

But this list is static, it’s not easily prioritised, it gets messy when sub-tasks need to be added and is impossible to schedule. It’s time to put down the pen and paper and embrace technology. Audacity is the perfect solution to my static list problems!

This app is smart but so simple. I can organise my lists, reschedule (defer!) my to-dos and view and edit each task. When I tick that box to complete my task and the little dong goes off I am instantly satisfied. I happily move on to the next task, this planning is a pleasure. I’ve never been so productive, I’m getting through this elephant!

I say productive, however, until I see that one same task sitting in my Today list, day after day after day. That one task that has had the +1 button pressed too many times. This is where suggestions are made to eat that frog! Ultimately, my frog was to write this blog. It was my most important task this week with the Next 7 day video release looming. But I have procrastinated over this task as other smaller simpler tasks can be completed with a quick satisfying tick of the box.

Writing a blog, for a digital marketing novice, takes more time, more thought, more effort. It’s not become a habit, yet! But now it’s done, and I don’t know about you, but all this talk of slicing elephants and eating frogs… I think I need a doughnut… immediate satisfaction right there!