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June 5, 2019

Magic login to the rescue: Why the death of the password is good

I remember the first time I used Magic Login. I remember thinking how great it was that I didn’t have to use a password. Now I am by no means against passwords, but I think passwords are amazing when you have only 10 to remember.

I can’t even begin to recall how many I currently have to try to remember!

Before Magic Login we had password managers which in theory was great. I only had to remember one password and the rest was done for me, generally without compromising my security. This was a fantastic idea but as an Apple user they never integrated as smoothly as I would have liked and thus practically didn’t make my life any easier.

Then came the Apple password manager, another great step towards what I needed. It just didn’t work well for my non-Apple devices so now I find myself torn between a great user experience with the ability to seamlessly switch between my devices and, well old passwords which at this point, are redundant to me.

Seeing Magic Login was fantastic, it felt like it solved so many of my problems. I now just needed access to my emails and I had access to the app or site that I wanted. No further need to remember passwords or worry about which device I was using.

The only downside I can see to Magic Login is that it has not been adopted by everyone, it really does feel magic! When we were looking at what to include for Audacity it seemed like a no brainier when Magic Login was offered as an option.

If you read my other post, Keeping life simple: One tool to rule them all, you will know what my stance on tech is and the bar that I set for successful tech. It has to make my life easier than it would be without it and I can honestly say using Magic Login satisfies that criteria.