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April 17, 2019

Life with Wunderlist : The Seeds of Audacity – Part 3

Why was Wunderlist so important to me?

Every morning, seven days a week, I would plan my day in Wunderlist.

Occasionally I’d do it the ‘proper’ way and plan the night before, but in the interest of not pretending to be superhuman this didn’t happen often enough. Besides, I’m a morning person.

Everything was in Wunderlist. Work tasks, play tasks, fitness plans, dreams. This App knew almost as much about me as Google. On the odd occasion that it was ‘down’, I simply didn’t know what to do next. A strange mixture of panic and enforced liberation from the deadlines, akin to a teacher being sick in school days and having a free period.

Of course I didn’t start to plan my life with Wunderlist. I tried them all, or most of them. Playing the field, as it were. All Apps have strengths and weaknesses, like people. Just as you blend people into teams so that 1 + 1 equals more than 2, then Me + Wunderlist was way more than 2. With other Apps it was merely 2, or even just 1 point something.

In my life with Wunderlist, I no longer forgot things. Of course I still deferred endlessly … if there were an Olympic sport of deferring… and of course Wunderlist made it easy to re-schedule. The App didn’t turn me into a finisher completer but then nothing short of a brain transplant could do that. (Or should that be gut transplant? (Topic for another day). But not forgetting is the first step to being in control.

Wunderlist put me in control. We were a team, a partnership. And as a couple we ticked almost every box.