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March 25, 2021

Keeping organised: using the ‘Tomorrow’ screen

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, sitting bolt upright in bed and thinking, ‘oh my goodness I mustn’t forget to do that!’. We’ve all been there.

However.  By planning even just one day in advance, you can round off today in a well organised fashion.  You’ll sleep soundly and wake up knowing exactly what the day has in store for you.   No lurking background fear of overlooking things.

In fact, not only does this clear up some brain space, it also provides a great way for you to structure your day’s itinerary. This plan for the next day will help you to see what you have to get done, what the priorities are.

Audacity’s ‘Tomorrow’ screen is a great way to improve your working routine – it will help you feel organised, motivated and on top of everything.    It will show you all the tasks with a ‘work on’ date of tomorrow, plus any uncompleted ones from previous days.      You drag and drop these into 4 or 5 time buckets:  Things you have to do First Thing, those that you’ll want to tackle Next, and those which are for Later.   There is also a bucket for Evening – tasks that you might well tackle with a glass of wine, or while calmly stroking the cat.

By investing a little time in the evening planning your work tomorrow, you can ensure you deliver tasks on time, keep on top of your workload, and feel confident that you’re successfully on top of everything.

Use the ‘Tomorrow’ screen for a week and see if it doesn’t help you sleep better.  Because you will get more deep sleep when your subconscious knows that your next day’s tasks are both feasible and prioritised.    And it’s all done with an intuitive drag and drop method.

Drag, Drop… Drop off to sleep 🙂