Wundertask Blog

April 4, 2019

Keep life simple: One tool to rule them all

Audacity is a fantastic tool for me as it allows me to keep life simple.

I have a little baby boy who has recently turned 1 (I always said I would never be the parent that said 14 months after they turned 1), I have recently started a new job in sales and my wife works shifts, which often means we don’t see each other for days.

Due to this I am always here, there and everywhere.

My personal favourite feature from Audacity is how simple it is to add tasks on any device, this means I can pick a device which is convenient to me. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing I can add a task and have it sync between all my devices. This experience is made even better by the addition of Siri, allowing me to often avoid the pick up stage of this process altogether (often a lifesaver with son).

One thing people quickly learn about me is that I love tech but it goes deeper than that, I love tech which helps to make my life simple! Not having to try and find that note I scribbled down that was probably left in my jeans and put through the wash certainly makes my life simpler. I buy a lot of tech and knowing that it has made my life easier allows me to quantify it and realise what a great investment I have made. At the end of the day, this all goes towards saving me time which I can then spend with my favourite team member, my 1 year old which is fantastic… most of the time!

It’s not just about my life, Audacity also allows my wife a happier life where she does not have to tell me off for forgetting to do task x or y. This means we can capitalise on the precious time we have when our work aligns to allow us to see each other.

As I mentioned I’m in sales so really it’s a no brainer, I wouldn’t go about my daily tasks without a tool to track what I have done with each of my customers so why would I go without a tool which does the same for my personal life?

Have a go, download and create your first task today, the smarter way to manage your life.