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Sharing Tasks and Lists

When creating or editing a List, you can also share it with up to five other people by creating a Team. Tap ‘Shared’ when creating a List to see your existing teams or create a new one, or swipe left on an existing List and click the People icon to access the Team options. Learn more about creating Lists on our Lists Help Guide.

In the ‘Create List’ or ‘Edit List’ screen, add a team name and picture then tap edit to add team members. Invite new team members by email and choose whether they have a Manager role or not. Managers have full control over editing Lists and Tasks, whereas non-managers can only complete tasks. All tasks added to this list will be shared with that Team.

Once a List is shared with a Team, you can assign tasks and subtasks to different team members in the Task Overview Screen that appears when you tap on a task. Learn more on our Assigning Tasks Help Guide.

As explained above, Teams can be edited in the List under which they are created. Just swipe left on a List and tap the Teams icon , then tap Edit on the upper right corner. You can add additional members, remove members and leave a team you have been invited to join.

Tasks that are assigned to team members will appear in their Today screens when the date approaches and all tasks in shared Lists appear in each team member’s List screen.



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