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You can add Tasks directly into your Today screen and they’ll be appear automatically in all devices where you are logged into Wundertask with the same email. When you open the Today screen or a List, you will see a blank field that shows Type here to create a new task. Type the task title and press enter. You can also create a task from an email, by sending it to!

The tasks will be automatically placed on the Today screen, and on the first Time Bucket, titled Now. You can easily move the task to a different Time Bucket: just drag and drop. To quickly delete or postpone a task, swipe left. To edit a task, tap it to open.

You can also add tasks directly to a specific List by opening the desired List and adding the task as normal. Learn all about Lists on our Lists help guide.

To open a task detailed view (or the Task Overview), simply tap on it. On the Task Overview screen, you can:

  • Update the title of the task
  • Add start and end dates to define a range of time to work on it
  • Add a deadline
  • Set the task to repeat at a custom interval
  • Set reminders
  • Add notes, attachments or even a sketch
  • Create subtasks
  • Add comments
  • Delete the task (by tapping the three dots on the right upper corner, then ‘Delete task’)
  • Move the task to a different List/Project (by tapping the three dots on the right upper corner, then the ‘move’ icon)

Once you’ve completed a task, simply tap the check box on its left to tick it off! If you ticked off or deleted a task by mistake, tap the bin icon at the bottom left corner of your screen, then swipe left the desired task and tap the restore icon.

Pro users can also set it up as Habits instead. More on this on our Habits help guide.



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