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With Wundertask, you can organise your tasks into projects or topics using the List View. Navigate to Lists in the bottom bar menu if you’re using an iPad. If you’re using an iPhone, you will see the Lists menu first when you login.

If you prefer to name them Projects instead of Lists, just tap your avatar, then scroll down and tap the option “Rename Lists to Projects”.

To add a new List, click on the plus icon and choose a name and a picture to get started. In this screen you can also choose whether each new task should automatically be given Today’s date when created to the list, which means they’ll immediately show in your Today screen.

Now that you’ve created a List, it’s time to add some tasks! Tasks and subtasks can be created in advance and managed far into the future and will show on your Today screen as the dates are reached. All tasks you add directly on your today screen will by default be placed in the Inbox list.

To edit a List, simply swipe left on it and click the gear icon. To delete a List, swipe left and tap the bin icon. When creating or editing a List you can choose to share it and the tasks inside it, by tapping Shared and adding team members. Learn more about sharing tasks on our Teams Help guide.



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