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The Library section of Wundertask stores all media that you import into the app. This includes any documents and images you upload, or send in the comment section of tasks.

If you press and hold on any item in your Library, you can bring up a list of options:

  • Star – Selecting the Star icon on the right side of the task box will let you favourite an item. You can view all of your favourites by tapping on ‘My Favourites’ in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Mail – Selecting the Mail icon will bring up the email sharing option, which allows you to mail any piece of media to any email address.
  • Bag – Selecting the Bag icon will allow you to add the item to a Bag or create a new Bag (more on Bags on the Bags help guide!)
  • Share – Selecting the Share button will bring up your device’s share options for the item.
  • Trash – Selecting the Trash icon will delete the item immediately.



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