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Would you like your favourite social media updates delivered directly to Wundertask? Thanks to the Feeds feature you can now keep up to date with the latest from YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest right inside the app.


What does it do?

With Wundertask Pro you can add a social media account to the Feeds & Reads section. You can find this section on iPad by tapping Feeds & Reads at the bottom of the screen. On iPhone, access it by tapping the Bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen.

Whenever that account makes a post, the app will automatically generate a PDF and deliver it to you. The PDFs contain a handy link to take you to the original post if you’d like to see more.

How does it work?

On your iPhone/iPad

  1. Navigate to the Feeds & Reads section in the app (a tab called Feeds and Reads on iPad, or a bookmark icon on iPhone, at the bottom of the screen on both devices)
  2. Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner to see your existing Feeds
    Tap the plus icon to take you to the New Feed screen
  3. Select whether you would like to add a YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram Account as a Feed
  4. Type in the username or channel name, being sure to check your spelling and capitalisation, and click save
  5. New posts by the account will be automatically added to your Feeds & Reads section


For more information on how upgrading to Pro can boost your Wundertask experience, please visit our Pro Features page now.



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