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Turn a Feed or Read into a Task

When you save a Read or follow a Feed, these will be saved on the Feeds and Reads section of the app, so you can read or look at it later. Of course, it is useful to be able to schedule it so you won’t forget to do it.

To simplify your life, Wundertask Pro allows you to turn a Read or Feed into a task with a quick action. In the Feeds and Reads section of the app, press the desired Read or Feed notification and drag your finger to the task icon. Then just schedule it as a normal task!

If you’re on an iPad, you will find the section Feeds and Reads in the bottom menu.

If you’re on iPhone, you can access the section by tapping the Feeds and Reads icon at the bottom of the screen.



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For more information on how upgrading to Pro can boost your Wundertask experience, please visit our Pro Features page.