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March 24, 2022

Four Key Team Building Games With Strong Lessons

It is very rare for any successful company to meet and then break its goals without a high functioning group of people. However, it’s not just as simple as asking these teams to complete a task and expect it to be done to the fullest.

Only the most motivated of teams achieve success, and how they find the motivation to hit their target is the responsibility of their leader. A successful leader is able to manage the task at hand and can serve as the inspiration for everyone to pull together; you need to be the Prime Minister AND the project manager, not one or the other. One of the most successful ways to unify people isn’t via dairy products and a glass of something found in a vineyard, despite the opinion of some. All joking aside, assembling a high functioning team can be aided via team-building exercises, as when done right, they do exactly what they’re supposed to.

A solid team-building exercise or game offers more than one purpose. It creates a group with a solid work ethic, but the activities also afford a valuable takeaway for all involved. You can also add in a layer of fun, maybe even form a vital part of the weekly schedule to keep morale high. Think of it as a weekly get together like a games night where you all play cards, making it more than, ‘oh it’s one of those things again’. Then the activities become even more memorable, raise a smile and keep morale high. So, we’ve compiled our list of key team building games which your staff will find valuable and maintain motivation.

Back-to-back drawing – Improves communication skills

Split your group into pairs and sit them back-to-back. One person has a piece of paper with a simple image on it, the other a piece of paper and a pen. The person with the picture in hand has the task of giving verbal instructions to the other to replicate the image without telling them what it is precisely that they’re attempting to draw. After a set amount of time, two minutes should do, the roles are reversed, and the team with the most accurate replicas are the winners. It will highlight the importance of clear and concise information which will also improve productivity.

Texas Hold’em – Improves financial management

Now you wouldn’t expect to go into work and play poker, but if you want to teach your team about managing finances and assessing funds, it’s the perfect option. The skill of poker bankroll management is one that often gets lost when dissecting the game; people focus on tells, bluffing and the like without fully understanding how their financial situation can affect their play. No matter the business, you need enough money to startup, then have enough to purchase inventory, pay rent, marketing etc. Would it be wise to risk it all? There’s certainly a great financial lesson to be learned in poker.

Survival on the island – Improves negotiation/persuasion

Tell the group to imagine that the office is an island where they’ve just survived a crash landing. However, they’re stricken on this island, and the participants have to find things that would be useful for their survival. Send them off into the office for 10-15 minutes to collect five items, and when they come back, they need to be ranked into an order of importance. The leader will then openly ask the participants about their choices and their reasons for them. Some of the reasons will be fun, and it’s an excellent way for team members to show creativity and their powers of persuasion and negotiation as they explain why their items should deem them the winner.

Video call Trivial Pursuit – Helps you get to know your team

Although some offices are once again full of staff, many have turned to a hybrid working environment where the staff don’t actually all get the chance to meet. However, by utilising video conferencing technology, you can still foster a team environment. This game is a great way to have each team member learn a little about the interests of those who they may not have seen as they work from home. It’s simple, pull out some Trivial Pursuit cards and have a trivia quiz. It’s a great way to learn about people’s non-work interests and personalities, which could also shape what tasks the leader sets them going forward, and it could just be the fun ice breaker that’s needed to raise a smile.

There you have it, four ideas, three office-based and one for those working remotely. They all ensure that all group members are involved, encourage debate, bring out people’s personalities, and help create a working environment in which everyone can thrive together.