Wundertask Blog

September 21, 2020

Can Audacity be sustainable, if it’s free?

We’re not aiming to re-write the laws of economics. Audacity will have to pay its way. However, we won’t be charging for the basics of efficient task management – and by basics we mean a host of things which other apps seem to regard as merely Premium.

In the months ahead we will launch a Premium version of Audacity. But it will have added-value features, some of them innovations in the To Do market. We won’t be charging for things like Reminders, Repeating tasks, Hashtags or Comments; things that are really the To Do fundamentals, to our way of thinking.

We’ve built Audacity not just for consumers, but also for our corporate customers – B2B is our core business. So we can spread one set of development costs across two future sources of income. And because our business customers will expect the app to still be available in a decade’s time, consumers can be equally certain that Audacity is in it for the long haul.

I’m looking forward to the day when we bolt Stripe or Paypal onto our site, when our App Store entry says there are In-App Purchases available. Not so much for the income – important though that is – but for the validation that people are prepared to pay a small sum each month to be more efficient and less forgetful.

Incidentally, we might not be aiming to re-write the laws of economics, but we are aiming to re-write the laws of To Do apps. Not much has really changed in the past 5 or 10 years, certainly not since Microsoft acquired Wunderlist and pretty much stopped rolling out new features.

Long-established apps have introduced easier (and more complex!) ways of doing things … but arguably nothing that could be seen as an innovation. There are many things to improve upon. So, watch this space (and use this App) – Time Buckets are just the first of many new ways of doing things.