Wundertask Blog

September 1, 2021

Audacity Pro

So, what have we been up to this summer?   Yes, we’re late again with a new version release, apologies for that.  Although to try and put a positive spin on it, we haven’t been forced to rush out any new release since no bugs have been reported in the current version!

It kind of begs the question: should we release, say, every month with incremental changes, or release perhaps quarterly with a raft of changes?   I can see arguments on both sides, but we seem currently to be ploughing the ‘few, but significant, releases a year’ space.

And what a release we will have in September…   Finally we will have a ‘Premium’ version of the app, so that people can pay for extra features (or just to support development – thank you so much if that turns out to be you).

There are also many improvements to the free version, notably an improved dark mode, an overview of new and recent task comments, and a much-enhanced daily activity report.

Where to start with the new ‘Pro’ version?    First of all, in response to user requests you can now search for past task completions and see full details, no historic time limits.    You can also opt to have up to 31 days of history within the app, and see up to 31 days ahead.

Then there is the new ‘Feeds and Reads’.   It lets you set some keywords and see news items containing those words; and you can now have a ‘read later’ function in Audacity:  find an interesting article on the web but no time to read it now?  Click on the Audacity bookmark in your browser and it’s saved.

Excel backups is another Pro feature.   And iPad users get a new ‘Dashboard’ screen where they can see tasks, feeds, reads, alerts all in one place.

It’s been a long time coming.  And it’s not even here yet, at the time of writing this blog – but all features are live for our testers… we won’t release until it’s seemingly bug-free so that we don’t need to publish a new version for a few months 😉

One final thing – existing users, we don’t want your money yet!   As a thank-you for being an Audacity user you will be able to test-drive Pro for a few months without paying.  And even if you don’t think it merits payment after that, all the key ‘to do’ features remain free forever.


Best wishes, and stay productive.    Peter.