Wundertask Blog

August 28, 2019

A day in the life of one of Audacity’s designers…

I work remotely for Conker Group as one of two freelance designers. I have been doing this for about two and a half years. I am the so-called ‘digital nomad’ whose location changes every two weeks or so.

This is because I live on a narrowboat and this is the rule of the waterways. The view from my window changes all the time. It is an exciting and interesting lifestyle but it does come with its challenges and unpredictable moments.


I have learned to work from anywhere and under different circumstances over the past three years. My space on the boat is cosy but very small. Therefore, I tend to use local libraries, cafes, tea rooms, pubs, marinas, or whatever is on the doorstep. I have my mobile internet and a laptop wherever I go. They are inseparable from me. My office is in my backpack.

The designers work I do is a little bit like my life, on the move and in different environments. I love the change and the challenge. I love using Adobe Creative Cloud, but I also love drawing and painting. I left my office job because I wanted a diverse work and a direct relationship with the client. Freelancing has definitely introduced me to this and especially the work I have been doing for Conker and Audacity. I have helped the team with a variety of design tasks, from branding and logos, illustrations and infographics to mobile and web apps. We communicate using different tools, such as Basecamp, Slack, Tick or Emails – again being in different environments, but digitally.

For Audacity, I have been involved in almost all aspects of the project. In the very beginning, I did a few infographics showing its potential as an app and how it could contribute to bigger retail companies. Throughout the design and build of the app itself, I particularly enjoyed working on the onboarding app screens and the product roadmap.

The most recent challenges have been learning and delivering a WordPress website (which you are currently visiting), and creating a little animation for the Wunderlist/Todoist import. Nowadays, I regularly contribute to the project by creating images and graphics for Audacity social media platforms or work on the Audacity website and blog.

The design tasks are endless but Audacity is helping me put them into lists, share them with my colleagues and set the needed deadlines. It has proven to be a useful tool, and I am very glad that I have contributed to this project.

Merilin Tod is a freelance designer, working in the fields of graphic design, art and illustration. She studied architecture and enjoys drawing. Follow her on Tumblr or Instagram.