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May 16, 2019

A better mousetrap: The Seeds of Audacity – Part 6

So here I am, arrogantly assuming that with Audacity my team and I have built a better To-Do List / Task system. Surely the world will “beat a path to our door”? And surely investors will drive their Porsches and Teslas to our car park?

Of course, as we all know, things aren’t that simple. Especially in the crowded bazaar that is the App Store. After a couple of weeks several hundred have downloaded the App although I have no idea how they found it. They are spread across 42 countries apparently. (Oh, I do love that number 42, it just keeps on popping up, thank you Mr Adams). But of those hundreds, how many will make it their daily organising App? How many will pay for the Premium version when that becomes an option?

Clearly we have to beat our own path, and then help people find it. It needs to be floodlit 24/7. Paved with incentives. Promoted ad nauseam. Because nothing has changed in the laws of selling, not for centuries. Nothing sells without a sales force, at least not in a land of plenty. And the world of ‘organise me’ apps is certainly a land of plenty.

Audacity is built (well, the iOS part). The seeds of Audacity have been sown, have sprouted, and our beautiful App is sniffing the spring air, enjoying the weak sunshine. Now begins the harder work – telling people about it, and then persuading them about it.

We are about to venture into the mysterious world of Influencers, SEO, Adwords, browser ads, and generally ‘selling through the ether’. Should be a fun and bumpy ride 🙂