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December 18, 2019

5 Tips for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Christmas is sneaking closer every day and for those of us who like to leave things until the last minute – it’s likely to be bringing you out in a cold sweat. If you’re hoping to do a mad dash to the shops in the final days running up to Christmas, here are our top tips to make sure things run smoothly.

Don’t Panic!

Ok, so you left your Christmas shopping until the last moment and you couldn’t think of anything worse than battling it out for the last presents on the shelf, but whatever you do, don’t panic! There’s still plenty of time left to buy your gifts and get home to relax with a glass of sherry in front of the fire.

Create a plan

Write a list of all of the presents you’re still missing. In your list include any rough present ideas you have, but try not to be too strict with them. Should an item be out of stock, or something else catch your eye whilst out and about, you won’t feel too bad about going off track.



Time it right for a bargain

If sales are low around this time of year, retailers will begin their sales early. Be sure to keep an eye out online and on the high street as this may be the perfect time to pick up the ideal gift at a bargain price just in time for Christmas.

Take advantage of online shopping

Some companies will deliver up until the very last minute before Christmas day. Save some time and use Audacity lists to collate all of the presents you still need order, including links to gifts you find so that you can come back to them easily later on.



Think small

If the idea of shopping in big high street stores stresses you out, Christmas is the perfect time to support small local businesses. Even buying just a few gifts from these hidden gems can make a huge difference to an independent retailer and the staff will usually have more time to help you find the perfect gift.